Monday, April 21, 2014

On Sweat Shops...

I am very much looking forward to our guest this week.  A young lady, all of 8, will be visiting me for a week while her parents go on a business trip.   The young lady has never been to this area of Arizona...  or my house... or had her own bathroom.  She is, understandably, going to miss her family, but she is very fond of me so I think it will all be fine.

I hope to teach her to sew some doll clothes for her dolls while I am working..  she also wants to learn to knit and I have had her practicing on tshirt yarn and concentrating on ending up with the same number of stitches she started with.

While she is sewing and knitting, I will also be sewing and knitting and a lot of other stuff.   I have TONS of restocking to do for my ALL DOLLED UP line of new and very slightly used doll clothes, furniture, and accessories.  I have very little clothing left in the 18" doll category, and next to nothing left for Cabbage Patch dolls.  I still have a fair amount of Build a Bear but still need to work a little on my stock. 

I have some special orders for doll clothes, and I just completed a set of custom cushions for chairs that a client brought.... she was totally thrilled with them.  

I already have several chairs, beds, and dresses to work on too; sanding, painting, cushions, mattresses, and bedding.   Rocking chairs, cradles, table and chair sets, bassinettes, and other furniture.   I need to get in gear NOW cuz those elves that helped that shoemaker are never at my home.

I am hoping that the young lady will want to help me with some of my chores and move on to harder stuff.  I also bought a new pattern (so she can learn to use a pattern) for an apron for her and her mom.  If she shows an interest in sewing, I will help her make matching aprons for her mom's birthday.

In addition to all this, the young lady has some homework, wants to do a scrapbook, wants to fill a 16GB memory card with photos, wants to research flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert, and is looking forward to swimming, knitting, riding her bike,  catching lizards with Freeway, and hanging out with me (which goes without saying).

I just don't think a week is long enough.

It never is.

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  1. Please tell your guest, Welcome to Arizona from Bj! Please take lots of pictures and Enjoy your time with the Young Miss :)