Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Its been a rough 5 minutes...

It will get better, right?

Last week, DH was having some back pains and didn't feel well for several days...  we did all the right stuff for a backache... but it was a rough couple nights for him.  I could tell he was really in a lot of pain but being a manly man, he took it pretty good.  He couldn't get comfy, was nauseous, and was running a low grade fever.   He wouldn't go to the ER so I used my best pouty voice and got him an appointment with the doctor right away.

DS felt better by the time he saw our doctor (as is the case most times), there wasn't much anyone could do except hope it doesn't happen again.

DH tried to gain some air time by claiming how painful it is to pass a stone.  Oh, please...  lol.   I think I might have made some snarky remark about passing a 10 lb. 7 oz. watermelon and we could share war stories.  I didn't hear much more about it :).

Seriously, he did not feel well and I truly hope it was his one, and only, kidney stone.  He is so healthy that its disconcerting to me when he is sick.

So we are rolling again with everyone feeling good.  That didn't last long.

I guess it was my turn - and pay backs are hell.....  because I ended up throwing a rib out on Sunday.  Now I have had a lot of ribs out...  both in occurrences and in quantity... but I was pretty miserable with this one.  I even had a big dent in my upper tummy where the rib was misaligned.

I couldn't bend over, couldn't pull toward me, couldn't cough/sneeze/yawn/laugh, or sit down/stand up without pain.  All those things I could live with but I couldn't take a deep breath either.  Trust me when I saw I know that deep breathing is the best defense against bacterial pneumonia.  My fear of another bout with said pneumonia was enough for me to bribe, beg, borrow, or steal and appointment with the doctor.

I painfully crawl into the car and back out of the car at the doctor's office.  I choose not to sit and wait, knowing that I would have to get back up again.  And because I wouldn't sit down when they took my blood pressure, the stupid little machine thingy kept re-doing it.  When it was finally done, I seriously had a big ol' red mark from the cuff.

Ok, so into the exam room....  Doc asks me to lay down.  I roll my eyes but comply, trying to look tough.  He checks the ribs, finding the spot that causes me to practically jump off the table and brings tears to my eyes.  He works on me for 45 minutes trying to get the rib back into place.  Sit up, lay down, roll over....   oh, my gosh...  tears are running down my face and I am exhausted.  The student that was in there with the doctor was even wincing.   But I can take the pain of the treatment IF I can walk out of there without pain.  No dice.

I told the doc that he needed to get this fixed as we were doing the zip line over the wild animals in Camp Verde on Monday.   He said he was wanting to do it too...  I told him to get Monday off and go with us!

Ribs 8&9.  Seriously!!  He works on me as long as he can and then smears me up with a cream that will work into the tissues to help soften them.     Everything still hurts, but not nearly as bad.  

Oh, did I mention that I also had a sunburn on arms and upper back during the treatment? 
Did I also mention that we have out of town guests flying in to stay with us for a long weekend?
And did you know that putting hot water on a cold tempered glass shelf from the fridge would cause an unpleasant event? sheesh!

So I will go back to the doctor in 2 days for another go at it.  Wish me luck. 
No comments on how the inside of our fridge looks funny.
And pray that DH is all stoned out.

Sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield.  Clearly, this is a time when I prefer to be on horseback.


  1. You could be the bug that is in the house riders teeth? I hope things start going better!!!!

    1. never thought about that... bring the bug in the horse's teeth. there has to be a safe place for me to hide :). Actually, today is looking up!