Sunday, April 20, 2014

Everyone.... and everything, needs a family

The Ironbird family
I have an happy announcement!!!

Our very rare "Ironbird" (the tallest of the four) has apparently gotten a family overnight!!!

I just LOVED the original one and DH stopped at the local thrift store, picked up assorted irons and putters, and gave the Ironbird a family!

Are they stinking adorable or what? 

(fortunately for me, I noticed the addition of the family on the same day that DH made them!)

And while I was out, wandering around in the yard with the camera, I noticed the beauty all around me.  Its funny that things appear different when there is a camera in my hand.

After my walk around the yard, I sit here and wonder at it all.

It turns out that today is a day of quiet reflection.

The Texas Rose, a hibiscus, appears to still be with us. 
I was afraid it had died last summer.
The Tea Tree is loving its new home
and support offered by the shade structure.

The Oleanders are doing very well. 
They were nearly dead when we bought the house
 and we actually lost quite a few. 

Not sure what this is called - I think its a relative of a Wandering Jew.
I brought this plant back from the first vacation DH and I took together:
the Bahamas in 2003.
Our Bougainvillea was a stowaway
in a used pot that we purchased. 
It struggled last year but its looking wonderful this year.

Did you know that bougainvillea are rather like
poinsettia in that it does not produce flowers. 
However, it does produce brilliantly colored leaves.

This is a photo that I absolutely LOVE. 
The fallen flowers from the Palo Verde tree
 made a lovely yellowish carpet
 and the shadows from the branches
 almost make me think I am looking at another tree!

Easter means many things to many people. 

Regardless of what it means to you, I pray today brings you hope, peace, and faith.

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