Thursday, March 27, 2014

Taking care of each other...

Quilts are so many things. 

They are more than a pattern...  they are a mind at its most creative.
They are more than planning....  they are commitment.
They are more than fabric...  they are love.
They are more than a blanket.... they are a gift of time.

They can give warmth... when used as something to cuddle under.
They can give comfort.... when you cuddle with someone under it.
They can give hope.... when comfort is needed.

They can represent memories....  when made from the clothing of loved ones.
They can represent the future..... when given in celebration of a life event.
They can represent caring..... when given in a time of need.

Those who love the needlearts (sewing, quilting, crochet, knitting, etc) are known for their generosity and coming to the aid of those in need.  They seem to love to share their (stitched) love.    Snippets 'n' Scraps: Springwood Winmalee Bushfire Quilt Display is an amazing example of an outpouring of caring and love and what a bunch of determined people can do!

Comfort bags @ Chandler Police Station
I have had the honor of being involved in many grass roots efforts to bring comfort to the deserving:

...quilts made by friends and given to the homeless
...pillowcases made by friend and given to those at a disadvantage.
...comfort bags (filled with juice box, an activity, and something to cuddle) given to police to forward to children who suffer tragedy.
...quilts made by friends and given to those who were victims in a wildfire.
...quilts made by friends and given to hospitals to comfort those who were suffering.
...beds for animals at local rescues and foster homes

Angel Gown
I recently watched a VIDEO about a group in Fort Worth, Texas, taking donated wedding gowns and making Angel Gowns babies that do not get to go home from the hospital.

I was touched beyond words. 

I expressed my desire to participate in something like this to friends and almost immediately received word of a gown to be donated to me for Angel Gowns.    

I cannot wait to begin this project!

Update:  I just received the donation of another wedding dress.  This project has already brought me to tears more than once.  

Most of you won't know that my twin brothers passed away within hours of birth back in 1959 and I will do this in their memory.    

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