Monday, March 24, 2014

You just never know....

There was a yard sale about 6 minutes away from our house (that's how we judge distance around these here parts :) that I wanted to shop.  But things get in the way:

DH and I hadn't felt good all day Saturday; I was just tired but he also had some intestinal distress.  Sunday morning I got up, got dressed, and was determined to feel better.  DH was still not feeling well. I told him I was going to run up to the yard sale and he asked if I would stop and get some 7Up.  Relief was mine; I could feel less guilt about the sicky because I would bring him back something he wanted.

I made sure his phone was with him, grabbed some money, and off I went. 

I find the yard sale ok but I am hesitant about stopping as it looks like a BUNCH of junk lying out in a yard.  I get a feeling that I needed to look.  So I do.

I see a couple interesting things but I am not "seeing" what I was "feeling" when I thought I should stop.   I wander around, not really touching anything......  Nothing is priced...  just piled up all over the place.

Then I see something. 

Two adorable little purses. So cute...  and not stinky inside.  I am intrigued. 

The latches work, the linings are in really good shape and the straps are about perfect.  I decided they would look cute in our new girly bedroom. 

So I start looking a little more seriously.

I find a pile of tablecloths.  I am not really a 'tablecloth' kinda girl but I trust my gut... and I pull one out....

I realize its not just a printed tablecloth, but all hand appliqued.  And not by someone in China doing piecework. 

The back is also beautiful and I can see someone working so hard on this to make everything so perfect.  I feel guilt as I envision the appliqued parts fussy cut into a quilt. 

Look at the workmanship!!!   and its in perfect condition.... no stains, no tears....  It's gorgeous!!

Maybe I could wait a while to do anything with it...  and hope that the guilt passes. 

I grab this and start looking a little more energetically.

Next, I see a complete child's size china tea - no chips and still in its original box.  I add it to my pile.

Now I am having fun.

I find a little ceramic ring holder for the new bedroom... 

... and a cute little French desk clock.  And I know its French
because it says "made in France" on the back :).

I wind the clock up a bit and it works AND is very quiet.... but the handle on top needs some attention.

The lady says its a 17 jewel French clock but I just thought it was cute - even if it didn't work.

Two more things in my pile.

A typewriter.  Do I need it?  Heavens NO..... but look how cool it is!!! 

All the buttons move freely and no cobwebs or spiders inside... Being spiderless is always a plus! 

I can just see a young woman typing letters on this to her beloved in the service! 

I decide I think DH would like this for his office.

Ok, ok!!  I added it my pile.

I wonder how much $ I have with me and how much she will want for all this stuff?

I start digging through a big pile of fabric.  It appears to be mostly smaller pieces of decorator fabrics but I find some 100% cotton in excellent condition that I pull out for my pile.

I grab a couple pieces for doll clothes too.

After all, a girl can't go home without fabric, can she?

Then I find this at the bottom of the fabric pile.....

Its a hand sewn hexie quilt top.  The hexies measure about 2" along the finished long edge. One edge of one of the flowers is missing the cream fabric but how can I not take it?

The fabric looks rather like a homespun but I am certainly no expert on that. 

Look at the back.... The method used to piece these is certainly not the method I use.  I am feeling a slight 'hexie lazy' feeling coming over me.

Into my pile it goes....

I just happened to need yardage of decorator fabric to make new tablecloths for craft shows.  I find about 10 yards of a basic tan and cream fabric that will make perfect tablecloths.  I know I have some fabric at home that will combine with the fabric I found here to complete the tablecloths...  because I know 10 yards is not enough. 

I had given my old tablecloths to another crafter who was trying to supplement her income with crocheted items and was using old sheets for tablecloths.  Mine were all matching, which I think gives a better look to your tables. Gifting mine to a wonderful co-crafter made me feel good and she was so appreciative of receiving them.  I had used them for probably 10 years - I hope they give her several more years of use.

Another happy addition to my pile.

I see a Singer sewing machine but its of the era that it was made half metal and half plastic.  I pass on that.  The lady said it worked great....  but I just didn't need it...  or want it.

But next to the sewing machine is this iron.  I start looking at it. 

Its sitting on a little cooling rack thingy that has springs between the 2 layers. 

And the cord seems to be in awesome shape. 

Wow... I had never seen a switch on the plug like this.  Again, I am no expert on old irons but I have seen a few around.  Maybe I just didn't look close enough to see switch.

I will have to do some research on this one.  But of course I will have to take it home to research it :)

I pick up a couple other little things and ask her for a total.....  we didn't even dicker.... I happily go away with a car load of stuff.  By the way, the tablecloth was $1 and the hexie top was $2.  :) :)

I am so glad I left the house, stopped at the yard sale, and dug through what appeared to be a lot of junk!  Sometimes you just have to 'feel' it.

I even remembered to get soda for DH!!

By the time I got home, I was exhausted.
We spent the rest of Sunday taking long naps.  We still aren't sure what was wrong with us but we are both are feeling better on this bright and beautiful Monday.

I want to go play with all my new stuff....

May your day be filled with little surprises!

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