Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saddle up!

I love horsepower, how ever it comes....   4 legs, 2 wheels, or 4 wheels.

I was pretty much raised on horsepower.  My father rode Harleys and always had at least one until I was maybe 6 or so but there were always motorcycles around.  I probably started riding as soon as I was old enough to sit up.

Cousin, me (the baby), and Rocky

I think I might have been on a horse BEFORE I could sit up.  My beloved aunt and uncle always had several horses, but Rocky was THE horse.  Rocky, the Amazing Horse.  Rocky the Wonder Horse.  Rocky was the ultimate babysitter for all the kids...  and there were a lot of kids running around.
mmmmmmm,  the smell of leather and horse.   Nothing better.   I still think of Rocky when I smell leather.  

I got my license to ride motorcycles when oldest DS was about a year old -  we had a Yamaha 650.  It was about the perfect size for me until the front end was raked out.  I felt it was a bit hard for me to ride at that point.  I let my license go after we sold the motorcycle.

I continued my love of horsepower, begging rides on motorcycles, horses, and fast cars as the years passed....  and, boys and girls, some things don't change.  EVER.

We had a HD VRod but we bought an Ultra Classic to make long rides a bit easier on these old bones.  So now, DH wanted me to ride again.

We were thinking about getting something a little easier for me to use to start riding again....  The Ultra Classic is too big for me and the VRod is decked out with every chrome thing JC Whitney has to offer.   We were thinking hard.....   but not really doing anything about it.  

Then Karma paid me a visit. We had the opportunity to buy an HD Sportster from a friend.  Its a 2005 with less than 700 miles on it.  Its been 35 years since I rode so lessons/practice starts Monday in the church parking lot (just in case I need to say a little prayer before we start)!!

My 05 Sportster 883
Once I get my rolling legs under me, we will decide what to do next.  We don't need 3 motorcycles ('11 Ultra classic, '04 VRod, and '05 Sportster).  Do we?  No....  we don't.   Do we?

I am nervously excited!!!

May the list in your bucket never get shorter.  If you achieve something on the list, add something new.

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