Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The skies are not blue... and neither am I!!

I woke up feeling pretty great today.  I hopped out of bed and, with the new found correlation between barometric pressure and how I feel, looked at our weather station to confirm that the pressure was on the rise.   and YES it was!!!

I was so happy to feel well, especially since I was meeting a new bestie and her hubby for lunch.  I met my new bestie at the Tucson workshop with Bonnie Hunter and they drove into Phx today for an appointment.  I felt like I talked the whole time but I guess that's what getting to know each other is all about.  Her hubby said that was his plan all along! 

During our conversation, we found that we have much more in common than either of us first guessed.  Not only was it wonderful to see her again, and meet her hubby, but they paid for my lunch!!!  How sweet of them!!!  

After lunch, I got a pedi, bought a pair of red sneakers, then sat outside and read a book. 

Once home, I chatted with DH for a while and then I sewed up about 1/2 the blocks for My Blue Heaven that I started at the Tucson workshop.   I have about 5 quilts on my radar right now and will be THRILLED to get them done soon.

What a wonderful day!

But tomorrow, I will go to the dentist for my 1st and 2nd EVER caps.  I guess I can anticipate about 3 hours at the dentist so maybe I will get to read a little more of my book.  Or maybe I will nap.  I still hope to die with never having needed to get a root canal.

Hopefully, all goes smooth.

May your day be as smooth as silk.

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