Monday, March 3, 2014

Edna, Part II.v

I didn't feel well today - I found out from doctor that when barometric pressure is dropping, I most likely won't feel well.  I didn't realize the real impact of the barometric pressure and appreciate the head's up for the future. 

In between bouts of feeling miserable, I did find a little time to work on Edna, my beloved treadle.  I finished installing the treadle belt.  It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but its done.   At this point, I was ready to take a little nap but I decided to go ahead and get her threaded up!

Be warned that this was a comedy.

But before threading, I decided to practice a little treadling.  I use the balance wheel to get me started.  hmm...  pretty sure it always has to go in the same direction and if I hesitate anywhere in the treadling action, the treadle seems to want me to treadle the wrong direction.  I felt like I was patting my head and rubbing my tummy at the same time!  very awkward...  with I love the slight clacking sound the machine makes.  Lets get this baby going. (I am wide awake now)

I opened up the throat plate and look inside.  The bobbin lays flat rather than the upright I am used to...  but GAH!!  there is no bobbin cover thingy!!  it is nap time after all?

I look in all the drawers and the attachment box....  and the light comes on.  sheesh.  The bobbin cover is attached to the machine.  The bobbin slips into the bobbin case thingy completely opposite of my other machines.  I knew this would be a learning experience (but hoped I would get a little farther along before I had to admit that I didn't know what I was doing).

ok, ok.  We are back on track now. 

I study the situation and figure out which way the thread should come off the bobbin.  With this info in mind, I slip the bobbin into the case and sit back, so proud of myself.

But how do I get the bobbin out of the case.  I work at the bobbin removal project with a pair of tweezers.  TA DA!  removed. 

There has to be a better way to remove a bobbin.  And there IS! 

See that little round circle at the end of my finger?  if you push that button down, it pops the bobbin up so you can grab it and remove it.

( I have so far, refused to think that it would have been prudent to read a manual on the machine before starting this project. Anyone could do this, right?  Hands tied behind back and a blindfold too?)

ok, So the bobbin is in!  Now threading the machine in what appears to me to be a logical fashion (who needs a stinking manual?)  I

I find some scraps from a quilt I am piecing on the featherweight.  I hold my breath and start sewing.

I fabric curls up behind the sewing foot.  not good.  I adjust the top thread tension and get less curling.   More adjustment, sew, adjust, sew. 

Ok, good.  its sewing and laying flat. 

I look at stitch itself.  The top is still a little tight as I easily can see the bobbin thread in the top line of stitching.  More adjustments and more sewing. 

I think I have it! 

....but the stitches are really long.  This knobby thingy isn't what I would think a stitch length adjuster is, but kitties, we are not in Kansas. 

I give it a 1/2 turn and sew.   I am still not sure what the knob does so I  adjust and sew, adjust and sew.  I am waiting for something to break (hopefully just a thread) or for the stitch length to get shorter. 

VIOLA!!!  It IS the stitch length knob and I get a stitch length that makes me happy.

Isn't it gorgeous?  I will need to fine tune it but I am very happy with where we are for now.

Still need to clean up the cabinet and actually sew with it.  But not tonight.  Nap time.

 All good things come in time. 


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