Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Civil War and Quilts

March 7, 2014:
We worked hard for 2 days on learning new techniques for quilting when working on mini quilts.  After all, these blocks finished at 3"....   which is half or less than half the size blocks I usually do.

The artist of the quilt to the left (made in a previous class) used a consistent background fabric for all blocks.  The consistent background certainly gives the quilt a different look than the class sample shown below (in my original post).

There were 8 students in the class and bits and pieces of fabric were flying around the room as we cut, sewed, ripped, trimmed, pressed, traded, and borrowed fabric.

Drunkard's Path pieces
Some of us purchased pre-cut kits of fabric and thread while others brought bags, boxes, and bins of Civil War fabrics. 

Whatever fabrics we had, we seemed to want something just a little different and saw some of exactly what we need in someone else's pile of fabrics.

Even though the instructor, Cindy Peterson, had us on a strict schedule so we could progress timely through the blocks, techniques, and Underground Railroad stories, we still managed to get to know each other. 

Stories and memories were shared freely by the afternoon of the first day and the stories got better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) as time went on.   By the second day, we are singing, laughing, teasing, and becoming great friends.

I didn't get my quilt done but I did finish 9 of the 12 blocks in the pattern Cindy provided us.   I also have 2 of the remaining 3 blocks cut and partially sewn together so I HOPE that I can get
the sashing and borders on this quilt and get it finished and hung on our wall this weekend.

And just in case you think I am kidding about the small size of the pieces that were sewn into this quilt, shown next to a memory card for my camera is a half square triangle.  A half square triangle is 2 triangle pieces sewn together to make a square.

~~  May the pieces of your life come together to make a beautiful life quilt.

March 1, 2014:
Next week, I am attending ANOTHER workshop!  I just love the bonding, the camaraderie, making new friends, and QUILTING!!

On Thursday and Friday, March 6th & 7th, I am doing an Underground Railroad Mini Sampler
with Cindy Erickson at the best little quilt shop in Goodyear, AZ:   In Stitches

I have read most of the Elm Creek Quilts novels by Jennifer Chiaverini and, as part of this workshop, we will  learn about the blocks and stories associated with the Underground Railroad quilts of the Civil War era.

Prior to reading the novels, I had no idea that quilts played such an important role in the Underground Railroad.

Thank you to BB for loaning me the Elm Creek books.


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