Friday, February 28, 2014

My day with DH, 2 cats, and Fibromyalgia

9am  Wake up, get up, and shower.  Tired after shower.  Took a nap but made it out the door on time - teeth brushed, hair combed, and even completely dressed.  In pain.

10.30am  Left house with a Code Red Mountain Dew for strength.

10.45am   Slightly buzzed from CRMD.  Buzz was over 10 minutes later.
11am  Went to see a Singer 'Red Eye' sewing machine.  The finish was chewed up (or maybe hit with a hammer), decals looked like they had been scraped off, the guy had painted the cabinet with a roller and put electrical tape on all the wires, and he still thought it was worth a small fortune.   Left empty handed.  In pain/

11.45am  Costco gas...  Costco shopping...  Costco lunch.   We are $300 lighter but we did get a trunk full of stuff.  Could hardly get through lunch though.  Wanted to lay on their cafeteria table during lunch.  Didn't think they would be amused.

12.45pm  Arrived at doctor appt.  Went to restroom so I could nap on commode.  Its a disgusting skill but it helps me cope.

1pm  Doctor appt.  Told him I was wasn't feeling well.  He said, "Of course you aren't.  Barometric pressure is dropping."  Told him I thought I didn't feel well because I didn't sew.  Jerry laughed.  But I did feel better when I left (with a prescription for sewing, of course) .  Plus, I have another quilt to make - Doc's nurse is expecting her 5th kid...  a girl.  Their oldest kid is like 23 or something.  Thinking about being in her situation makes me tired. 

1.30pm  DH's appt.  No prescriptions to sew for him.

2pm  Decided against going to a movie.  Ok, DH decided against it.  He said my naps are cheaper at home.

2.30pm  HOME... Finally.   Put stuff away that HAD to be put away.  Sat on couch.  Napped.  Sat on couch.  Napped again.  Sat on couch some more.

6pm  Drug myself off couch to finish DGD's quilt top.   Sew for 15 minutes, rest for 15 minutes, repeat.  Takes a long time to do a quilt top this way.  Freeway helped by holding me down in the chair.  Thank goodness...  I would have just floated away with the big lug of a kitty in my lap.  In pain.

8pm  Bed.  Tessa is holding me down in bed...  making sure I don't float away.  In pain.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  And even if I don't feel better, a bestie is coming to visit !!

Besties see you at your worst...  and still come back again.
I am surrounded by wonderful people....  and kitties.

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