Thursday, March 27, 2014

is that a bird? a plane?

No, it's UFOs (Unfinished Objects) !!!!

I have been working hard on 7 UFOs the last couple days...  I hate to work on that many old projects at a time but sometimes I do.   I am so proud to be saying that I have this many this close to done!!

UFO #1 is Bonnie Hunter's My Blue Heaven and its an ultra large king size quilt.  It is ready to put together but I need a large floor area.

The photo shows about 1/3 of the pieces laid out.

Excuse to not finish: Too windy to lay it out on the patio

UFO #2 was a BOM at a LQS (local quilt shop) and is really to assemble...  or was, until I found out I am a block short. 

Its pretty much all laid out (the missing parts are either waiting to be made or pinned together and at the sewing machine ready to sew. 

I also found a block with a section turned so I need to rip before I sew (as it should be, I guess :). 

Excuse to not finish: Someone stole one of my blocks and I know I didn't sew that other block

UFO #3 is a Civil War Mini and it is all together into a flimsy but I kinda hate my fabric choices for borders. 

Trying to decide if I want to finish as is or rip.

Excuse to not finish:  I am THINKING.  Its seriously small and I do not relish the idea of redoing anything on it.

UFO #4 is a quilt I started ages ago but just didn't like the way the center finished. 

This came about from fabric I loved and the pattern I loved...  and I made a bunch of churn dash blocks (the blocks around the perimeter).  but what to do with center?

I found a panel with similarly colored bears in my stash that I wanted to throw in but I didn't measure correctly and there is a wee sash between the 2 center blocks that looks completely stupid....   

The upper photo is how I think I want it to look....  the lower photo  is how it looked before I ripped it up.

Excuse to not finish:  Math

UFO #5 is a kit I received for my birthday last year.  Parts are done with leftovers sewn into a piano key type strip.  Its very small so I think this is the layout I want to use with the red used as sashing and binding. The sashing on 2 sides with the piano key and the random orphan blocks will give me additional size and give it a 'modern' twist (no pun intended).

Excuse to not finish:  I can't think of one so I may get this one finished soon.

UFO #6 Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice.   All blocks are sewn (1/2 half of total quilt) and ready to assemble.  They have been laid out once so I know I have enough pieces.

Just need to sew the pieces and rows together.

Excuse to not finish:  bored with colors and needed a break from them.

UFO #7 actually 2 baby quilts of flannel that I completed at the same time; one is slightly larger than the other. 

Both are actually mounted on the quilter now so it won't take much to finish them up.

Excused to not finish:  I have none.

May the pieces of your life pull together into something amazing!

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