Monday, March 10, 2014

Organized MESS

I have decided that I CAN NOT put off a serious cleaning of my studio any longer....  but I will also tell you that my heart was not in it today.  Through my mind, the following thoughts (aka excuses) swirled around, taunting me: 
If I work really hard to get this flimsy completed, I could put it away for good. 
Its supposed to look like someone works here, right?
No one really cares if its a mess.... certainly not me!
No one ever comes in here except me anyway.
I know where everything is....  if I clean, I won't be able to find anything.

Whatever!  I need to get just a tiny bit of control over this room.  ok, ok, I will organize and pick up!!!

But then, what do I hear?  The sound of galloping hooves....  the Cavalry (aka hubby) to the rescue!!!

DH:  "How about a movie?" 
Me: (with NO hesitation)  "Sure !!"
Me: (totally guilt ridden)  "But I need to work while I watch."
DH: (looking dumbfounded that I would even consider NOT working during a movie at home)

So, I drug in a plastic tub of cram-packed full of scraps that needed attention.  That's cleaning up/organizing, right?  I also drug in an iron, ironing board, power strip, ruler, rotary cutter, mat, and a small plastic shoebox.  I am ready now!!  oh, wait!   I need something to drink too!

Ok, NOW I am ready.  We chose Argo, mostly because we hadn't yet seen it and because it had just started.

We watched a movie and I turned a bin of scraps into the sizes that fit into my Scrap User's System by Bonnie Hunter @ quiltville!   Not bad for time I would have fallen asleep if I didn't work on the scraps (note that I have convinced myself that showing 2 photos of it makes it look like I got more done than I really did).

Oh, Argo was a pretty good movie...  and the ice cream was quite tasty  :)

Keep plugging away at whatever you are putting off.  It just takes 1 step to start.

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