Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Traveling in inclement weather

With all the inclement weather most of the United States had in January and February, I decided to listen to government travel warnings during one storm. They said that anyone traveling in the blizzard conditions should carry the following: 
1.   Shovel 
2.   Blankets or sleeping bag
3.   Extra clothing, including hat and gloves
4.   24 hours worth of food
5.   De-icer
6.   First aid kit
7.   Flashlight with spare batteries
8.   Road flares or reflective triangles
9.   Full spare gas can
10. Rock salt
11. Booster cables
12. Bottled water

I did it....  but man, did I look like an idiot on the bus that day!

Copied from DH's monthly Fireman's newsletter.

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