Thursday, February 6, 2014

The more things change....

I talk to my oldest DS about this story now and then...  but when I mentioned it to him recently, I told him I wanted to write about it.  He just laughed...  but it was a sort of touching/bonding/mother and son/cool mom thing that is stored in the "fond memories" part of my brain.

He was in high school...  difficult years at best...  for both of us, I think.    But we were managing and I am pretty sure he knew that I loved him.

Side story I just remembered....  he was 14 and working an evening and Saturdays at a restaurant.  He was pretty popular there....  the waitresses and the boss all liked him a lot.  He was easy to get along with and a hard worker.  It was drawing close to Halloween and one of the other kids that worked there had...  umm, less parental guidance than my DS.  So DS comes home one day and asks if he can stay out on Halloween with this friend until 3am.   Hmmmmm, lemme think..  NO.  It was a fight for several days.   The last fight was pretty ugly with the old "His dad is letting him stay out" getting thrown at me.  I responded with "Well maybe his dad doesn't love him as much as I love you".   He was furious and stomped up the stairs...  and just before he slammed his door with all the teenaged angst he could muster, he yelled "then stop loving me so much".  I gotta tell you that I almost jumped for joy.  If you are a mother, I know you understand.

Ok, back to the original story.... 

With his wages from the restaurant, I made him save 50% and the other 50% was his to spend.  He made good tips because he was such a sweetie to the waitresses...  and to the customers.    He was spending his money on all the important stuff:  a TV for his room, a really nice stereo, CDs, etc, etc.

One day, he came home so very excited and just had to play this new CD for me as it was the best music E.V.E.R!! I think he was concerned that I wouldn't like it. 

He loads it up into the player and as soon as its start playing, I start dancing and singing to the music.  The look on his face is priceless....  he wanted to know HOW I knew the words to the songs.... 

Darling Son, its AC/DC...  they have been since I was a teenager.   I think he was confused about whether to be horrified that he and his mommy like the same music...  or to think how COOL is mom is!!!!
                                                               :)               (:

Another fond memory is when I took my oldest DGS, who was 5ish, to the Iowa State Fair for the first time.  At home, he was experiencing the potty training his twin sisters were going through so he was so excited to be away from them and see the fair and all the policemen, firemen, horses...  and OH MY GOSH... the real thrill was GARBAGE TRUCKS!!  We had to wait and watch if they were smooshing their loads of fair refuse.   You might be surprised at just how many garbage trucks are running around each day during the fair. 

I did get DGS to spend a little time looking at gramms's favorite site at the fair:  the quilts.  However, I didn't want him to get too tired as we had so much to see...  so I had asked early if he wanted to lie down in the shade on a blanket to rest after we ate lunch.  Well, at 5, he was much too old to need a nap.  I decided I would try another tact.  After we ate lunch, I told DGS that I wanted to sit for a while as I was pooped.

He stopped and looked at me in total confusion....  I couldn't tell what he was thinking...  he said, "you pooped in your pull-ups, gramma?"

Another PRICELESS moment.

Just a couple of my favorite stories...  so many wonderful memories.

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