Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Good Deed Doer

We had some palms planted in the back yard...  Santa brought them for my hubby. 

Anyway, Tessa and Freeway were running around and the supervisor of the planting crew noticed that we had 2 white cats and told me that he also had a white cat....   and that white cat needed a home. 

He explained that one of his other cats, who had claws, was inflicting injury on this poor kitty, who was pretty much defenseless without her claws.

Sassy is a 6 year old kitty.  She plays fetch, sits on command, and is a loving kitty...  but was staying on one room of the owners house so that she could stay safe.   A cat's territory is considered to be 5 square miles so keeping this cat in a single room was almost torture!!!

I requested, asked, pleaded, and begged DH to be able to take in this poor kitty.  Do you know how you just KNOW how far you can push someone?  I was there.  2 kitties is apparently DH's limit.

So I went searching for a home for Sassy.  The deadline was Sunday.  I tried and tried and tried...  to no avail.  The deadline was drawing near....  Emily got ahold of me saying that they weren't ready for a cat but if a home was not found, she would talk to her DH.  I asked her to have that chat but I kept looking for a home. 

On Saturday night, another family asked enough questions that I thought they were interested so I advised Sassy's family that we might have a home for her.  I hoped that I had at least gained a reprieve for Sassy.  But the family didn't come through. 

On Monday night, Emily asked if Sassy was still available as they would like to meet her.  I quickly contacted Sassy's family and asked if she was still available.  JOY!  Because I had said I thought I had a family for Sassy, they held off taking her to a rescue or the pound.

A meeting was arranged on Tuesday and I am so very pleased to announce that Emily and her DH are at home with Sassy as we speak.  I am thrilled for Sassy's new furever home and her new family.

Animals give us such joy and become part of our family.  Adopt...  or support your local rescue.

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