Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Design Wall has been BUSY!

I have been working on Merry Meyhem's New Years Day mystery quilt since it came out.    The colors are a nice break from the light and bright colors of my Celtic Solstice

Merry Meyhem's instructions has the quilt finished like this...  and I like this 'oldie but goodie' pattern but I am always open to change... and alternate layouts.

Plus, once I get the layout determined, I can give the quilt an official name.
I am not sure if the colors are true in the photos but, for the record, I used scrappy cream background with scrappy burgundy, brown, and black for the blocks.
I intend to make this one a queen size quilt so I will be working on it for a while but I thought I would start putting the blocks on the design wall to see if I like something better.

I started out fairly simple by twisting the blocks just a bit....  And I do like it...  but then I added black triangles where the browns meet (at the arms of the "X")....  and I got a whole new look.   Not sure I like the layout on the right as much as the one on the left.
I stared at these 2 layouts for a day or 2....  and decided to try a few more.  Can I tell you how much I LOVE my design wall?  

The layout here on the left is similar to the pattern, except that I changed the direction of the blocks.  If I go with this design, I will most likely not put the direction change in the middle of the bed...  I would probably do asymmetrical.     I then flipped the burgundy and cream half square triangles for a different look, on the right.
Then I got silly and tried this one on the right.  Hated it.  lol

I will probably play with this a bit more...  I just can't decide.

May all your decisions this week be no more critical that how to lay out these quilt pieces.


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