Saturday, February 1, 2014

Girls and FARTS

I am soooo excited.  The packing has begun because the time is drawing near...  In about 10 days, a group of 6 quilters are heading south to Tucson for a couple days.  We are attending the Tucson Quilter's Guild's February meeting (click HERE for info on the guild) and 2 workshops with Bonnie Hunter (click HERE for Bonnie's website).

The purpose of the trip is as follows:
Hanging with Bonnie Hunter
Bonding with each other
Goofing off
FART.... or maybe even SEX
Other duties, as assigned

To a quilter, FART and SEX is a very important part of the quilting process but we are hoping, as always, to stay away from a TOAD or WOMBAT while in Tucson.

Now I am sure you are wondering WHY I would announce to the world that the 6 of us are going to Tucson to FART or for SEX.  Well, FART and SEX may not mean what you think it does.   Below is one of the most comprehensive lists of quilting acronyms that I have stumbled across.  

BOB: Beginner’s Only Block (swap)
BOM: Block Of The Month
DSM: Domestic Sewing Machine
DWR: Double Wedding Ring
FART: Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
FIU: Finish It Up
FQ: Fat Quarter
HST: Half-Square Triangle
HYS: Haven’t Started Yet
LAQ: Long-Arm Quilter
LQS: Local Quilt Shop
MAQ: Mid-Arm Quilter
OBW: One-Block Wonder
PHD: Project Half-Done or Piled Higher & Deeper
PIG: Project in Grocery Bag
SABLE: Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
SEX: Stash-Enhancing eXperience (or eXcursion)
STASH: Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden
TGIF: Thank God It’s Finished
TOAD: Trashed Object Abandoned In Disgust
TOT: Tone-On-Tone
UFO: UnFinished Object (or as we know it: P.I.G.)
USO: UnStarted Object
WHIMM: Works Hidden In My Mind
WIM: Work In Mind
WIP: Work In Progress
WISP: Work In Slow Progress
WIVSP: Work in Very Slow Progress
WIWMI: Wish It Would Make Itself
WOF: Width Of Fabric
WOMBAT: Waste Of Money, Batting And Time
WOW: White-On-White
WWIT: What Was I Thinking
WTHWIT: What The Hell Was I Thinking

If you have any other acronyms that could be added to this list, please let me know. 

And if you are a sewer or a quilter, don't forget to let your significant other how happy you are if you can FART or if you can have SEX.  It could be an interesting conversation !!

Enjoy your week.

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