Saturday, January 25, 2014

The new guest room

Finally getting to the decorating of the new guest bedroom (formerly known as "office").    I love love love the soft green paint... 

The paint is called Asparagus but that's not what I would call it as its so much softer than I would consider a color with that name.   

Yes, you can see that I went all 'trailer trash' and put aluminum foil on the window in this room.  It gets so freaking HOT in that room with the summer sun in the southwest and I have tried all other methods to keep the room cool, including sunshade on outside of window, thermal curtain, blackout curtain, thermal blackout curtain, and prayers.  Fall back option was aluminum foil and I was desperate...  and the aluminum foil works!!  Don't worry...  I covered it up :)

Status:  The walls are painted, the shades are up, the bedroom suite is in place, and now, the pivotal DECORATING part is about to occur.
Decorating is not my forte but I am hopeful.   I found this lamp and fell in love with it!   so romantic!  so even though the furniture in the room is heavy and manly, I plan on softening it up as much as possible with floral, a bit of Asian, and some vintage.   
The rocking chair was gifted to me from a dear friend and it will be part of a little reading nook in the room.  And of course, I have a few vintage quilts and photos in the room.

Stretch your wings and try something new and out of your comfort zone.

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