Friday, January 24, 2014

Nothing but spoiled!! and busy!!

It's amazing just how spoiled we are...  and I hate to admit it but when I say "we", I mean ME. 

The little scroll bar on the right side of the computer screen that rolls the image up or down?  well, mine doesn't work.  Seriously, I felt crippled.  How pathetic is that?  I spent ALL DAY today trying to figure out what to do about it...  however, due to my extreme technological handicap, I wasn't really able to make it work.  It won't work for my touch pad, nor my mouse.

I fiddled with the "mouse" settings...
I fiddled with the "device manager" settings....
I even spent hours downloading Windows 8.1...  just in case it might fix it....

no luck so far.

So I am stumbling around, wishing I had paid more attention in computer class and too dense to figure out how to fix it but too stubborn to just walk away.  I have found some work-arounds but (enter foot stomping here) I want my scroll bar!!!

How can this be?  I am a mature, intelligent, logical woman of the, ummm, what decade is this???  errr, a woman of the 'teens (just doesn't have the same rings as some of the other decades, does it?) and I should be able to 1) figure it out...   or B) walk away.   But noooooo. 

However, I have a few projects in the works that DID coax me away from the computer the couple times that it nearly went to visit the neighbor via the window. 

I took the legs off a solid bottom ironing board (not the mesh bottom), threw the legs in the trash, spray painted bright pink around the edges of the board, and hung it in the wall in my studio.  The walls in my studio are white so I thought the pink would help it stand out a bit.  I have a ton of magnets so I am good to go.  So far, I really like it.

I have another similar board that I will use too, but will use some pegs (pegboard type pegs) where I can. 
During another break, I finally finished sewing all the pieces into segments for Celtic Solstice (which will have to be renamed, based on my color choices), so that I can start assembling them into blocks.  I am so happy this part is over.  Assembling them will be hard but nothing like its been up to now.   I am very happy I started this quilt project.  The colors are joyful and I needed it this winter.   Someone said it took over 2500 pieces and over 130 hours of sewing to get to this point.  I am not surprised.   But the quilts will be beautiful and perfect for the recipient I have in mind.  I will start the assembly next week after a little break to work on a couple other projects.

During my break from Celtic Solstice, I will be working on an oldie, but goodie.  I love the blocks and the colors....  just have to decide on a layout. 

This one is quite a departure from the brights of Celtic Solstice.  This New Year's Day mystery will be done in a calming cream with browns, blacks, and burgundys.  This was originally going to grace our bed but I found something I think I like better for our room....  but this still needs to be finished

It's time to do it:
Pay it forward... 
Random Act of Kindness...
It feels great to be a recipient but even better to be a giver!!

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