Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quilt Du Jour

I finally made it back to working on Bonnie Hunter's 2013 mystery quilt.  So many people that started with me are already done and sleeping under the quilt...  but, sometimes, life happens.

I have been frustrated....  but rebounded.
I have been busy....  but still found a little time.
I have been sick.... but rebounded.
I have been traveling....  but home now.
I have been tired... but rested and went back to work.

Anyway, I am not done cutting and stitching but did get enough pieces completed to allow a fellow quilter to project how the quilt will look when completed.  I am pretty happy with it...   

To read the full story (up to the last writing, anyway) about this quilt, please click
Celtic Solstice

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