Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Krafting with Kids

I take advantage of every opportunity and any perceived interest to teach the willing kids in my life whatever crafts they seem interested in learning. I have a DGS and a DGD that are interested in sewing... and a DGD and Keiki are interested in arm-knitting. Keiki also expressed an interest in actual knitting.... Yay!!!

Keiki's challenges are that she absorbs a little at a time so, I found a set of size 13 knitting needles and some yarn and I cast on 20 stitches and knit a row to prepare for our lesson.

Keiki sat down beside me and I demonstrated maybe 4 stitches and handed the needles to Keiki. I would say that she caught on within 10 stitches. She sat beside me practicing (while I was working on a quilt, of course) and we went through about 2 rows together. I was very pleased with her progress so she went to work practicing on her own. The next day, she shows me her progress!! Considering the amount of time we spent together, I thought she did well.... but her 20 stitches had blossomed into about 40.

We discussed her knitting and things she needed to work on. We discussed stopping in the middle of rows and how to know which direction to proceed when you pick it back up, how to work end of rows, etc. I cast on another 20 stitches, teaching her how to do it as I went, and sent her on her way. Her next batch of knitting was better but still, we ended up with many more than the 20 we cast on.

She says she is ready for "real" yarn and wants to knit a scarf for all the adults in her life buy IMHO, its just too darned cold outside to go get anything. I suggested she cast on 10 stitches and knit a scarf before she get "real" yarn. She is currently furiously knitting away and I am anxious to see the results.

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