Thursday, January 2, 2014

Busy, busy!

We have had so much going on in the last couple weeks.... we traveled to see family and due to the weather changes on our travels, my Fibro decided to flare up. I did manage to see all of our family and a few friends. However, because I get so cold and cannot get warmed up after I get cold, the zero and lower temps kept me inside. Since I didn't feel well most of the time, I guess it was ok. But even staying inside, I didn't feel well enough to do some of the things I wanted to... just not enough energy. There were days I didn't even feel like sewing!! yes, this is where you GASP!!

When I could sew, I managed to sew for an hour or maybe 2, then have to rest. I brought 4 projects with me to work on but have only worked on 2 of those.... here is a progress photo of step 2 of my Celtic Solstice. I hope the yellow contrasts enough with the white. I included a tile that is a representation of the final quilt.

I also participated in the Merry Meyhem New Year's Day mystery quilt. It will go much faster than Celtic Solstice and since I didn't get it finished on NYD, I am using it as a leader/ender for the Celtic Solstice. I have looked at the finished quilt on the Merry Meyhem website so its no longer a mystery, but I love the cream, maroon, brown, and black color way.

May your days be filled with bright, warn, sunshiny love and your nights be filled with warm, quilted love.

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