Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas is WHEN?

If I don't start sewing for next Christmas's gifts now, the inevitable will happen. It will be November 1 and I will suddenly wonder what happened to the entire year and HOW ON EARTH am I going to get everything I want to make completed before Christmas! Because I know ME, I like to start right after Christmas with things that I think are adorable... but mostly things I just want to make.

Then what happens is that I get to work.... and hard too... for a couple weeks... then I get distracted by some new quilt obsession, some new fabric I just have to use, or some charity project that seems more important than next year's gifts.

And on November 1, do you know what I have? I have some things started, some things finished, and some things organized. I also have the things that I didn't finish, as intended, for LAST Christmas. However, I am still further along than if I had waited to start any of it. So I plug away on the 'need to be finished' items, plus a few that raised their cute little heads during the year and simply MUST be made.

And since I have been on a joyful journey of using up my odds-and-ends scraps, I have lots of gorgeous quilts swirling around in my head. But then reality sets in and I know I cannot do everything... so I step back and look at more realistic goals.

I found these adorable little quilted slippers on the Coats Crafts website. Most likely, the first set will be mine, mine, all MINE!!!

A quilt warms the heart so many times.... in the dreams of the quilter, in the hands of the quilter, in the arms of the receiver, and every time someone cuddles under it.

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