Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!

A BFF, also a Libra, stopped by Sunday for a day of sewing. I haven't seen her for literally MONTHS so once all the hugging was out of the way, she presented me with a bag. She explained that it was a birthday gift... and, well, since Librans are master procrastinators, there was no further explanation needed because I "get" her. I totally understand the way she thinks and I appreciate that she understands me.

To this BFF, I owe a huge debt of gratitude. She helped me immeasurably when I was still working and was experiencing symptoms that eventually forced me to retire from the workforce. She was my guardian angel and watched over me, helped me with wordfind issues, reminded me of things I needed to do, made sure I ate, and smoothed some of the rough edges of my day. I will forever be in her debt. I pray that everyone has a person that lends their life to you during a period that you desperately need assistance. I also pray that you are given the opportunity to lend your life to someone who needs a helping hand. It is the circle of friendship.

Anyway, back to my story.... so I start unloading the bag and the first thing I pull out is this (you can see that I did not wait long to use it and put tape on it to keep the template from sliding on my fabric). I always wanted one... and I didn't even know that they had this size... woohooo!!

I go back into the bag and I pull this out!! Can it get any better?

Do you think DH will mind if I put this on the back window of the Avalanche? I don't think he would get mad but it would be a crap shoot every day to see if it was still on there :) sooooo, I will put it on my car as soon as I get home!!

I am a happy belated birthday girl... but wait (I sound like I should be selling knives on TV or something)!! There is something else in the bag... I dig deep... and come up with a charm pack!!! and in RED!!!! oh, I love that girl!!! And... I didn't take a photo of it before I started cutting.

Now I want you to keep in mind that I am currently 5, yes 5, weeks behind on my Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt. You can CLICK on the Celtic Solstice tab to see my slowwww progress on that. Ok, ok, again, back to my story.... so with Celtic Solstice quietly tapping its fingers on the table and preparations for a 1 day mystery quilt on New Year's Day yet to do... AND some preparations to help DN move tomorrow, here I am tonight starting a NEW project.

This isn't the layout but I had to share.... isn't it going to be CUTE!! thank you thank you to my BFF angel.

May the angels in your life sprinkle some glitter on you now and then. Its nice to know they are still in the area.

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