Saturday, December 14, 2013

The newest obsession....

I just can't get enough of these doll beds!! I have a stack of them almost ready: some need a bit of hand sewing, some need an embellishment on the headboard, some need the pillows stuffed, but all will be done by EOD tomorrow. Delivery starts Monday and will continue thru next week. I do have a few left and if you need one, just let me know. In addition to the ones shown, I have a couple bunkbed sets and a couple singles that aren't in the photo but sold. Its been a busy week!!

And while we are on the subject, I found this beauty!! It's a vintage baby (human baby, not doll baby) cradle that I absolutely had to have. DH is rolling his eyes but its going in the almost finished new guest bedroom.

The wonderful lady that was selling it didn't really want to let it go and asked me to take good care of it. I told her I would love it and that I was going to put it in the soon-to-be-completed guest bedroom with my old baby quilt. I also told her that I could not promise that there wouldn't be a cat in it.

She said she had 2 cats and that there WOULD be a cat it in.

Freeway went for a "car ride" yesterday and was such a perfect little lady in the car that the vet rewarded her with 2 shots. They warned us that she might not feel good... and she didn't. No spark in her eyes, her tail was down, and she wasn't interested in attacking anyone or anything (Tessa was pleased). Well.... it wasn't long after DH brought it into the house that Freeway found her way into the cradle...

I gave her a blanket to lay on and was thrilled that she was out of hiding, which meant she was feeling better. Such a pretty baby girl!!

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