Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's all very suspicious...

A suspicious situation met us today in our laundry room. A hole appeared to have been maliciously made in a bag of cat food and food was strewn about around the room. Investigators determined that foot prints left behind could possibly be used to identify the culprit.

(Freeway in her above-the-kitchen-cabinets hideout)
A suspect who was in the area when the incident was noted, Freeway, was advised of her rights. In a statement, Freeway indicated that she would not submit to any tests unless arrested and further advised that paw print comparisons are considered inconclusive in a court of law. Freeway did state that she saw a rabbit leaving the scene of the crime and provided a description of said rabbit. Freeway then asked to speak to her attorney.

(Tessa - appearing to 'cozy up' to the investigators)
Another subject who was in the area, Tessa, was also read her rights and questioned. Tessa refused to give a statement except to provide a description of a rabbit she claims to have seen in the area. It is noted that a rabbit, meeting the general description given, has been implicated in other petty crimes occurring in the area over the last 12 months. Tessa asked for an attorney and was noted licking her paw. Investigators are concerned that Tessa had actually swallowed evidence.

While neither cat exhibited signs of distress during questioning, both cats are currently under house arrest and remain under suspicion. The weapon used to make the hole has, as yet, not been found.

Meanwhile, there is an all-points-bulletin for rabbits matching the following description: small, furry, hops, long ears, buck teeth, and, as pointed out by both cats, beady eyes. The rabbits are proving elusive for the investigators as they have not been able to corner them for questioning.

If you have any information that may lead to an arrest in this case, you are urged to forward the information to the investigative team.


  1. Bwahahahaha!!!! That is too funny. Damn rabbits, always trying to get the cats in trouble. I came home the other day to find the really cheap cat food that is stored under the sink in case of emergencies opened with a few pieces all over the floor. Jokes on them as they hate that cat food!

  2. While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, all evidence does point to Freeway. Has Freeway visited your house lately? or perhaps these same rabbits?