Thursday, December 19, 2013

That naughty rabbit again

You have to understand that my DH is not late for anything.... unless I make him late. If we were to go on a vacation, he would want everything packed and ready to go 2 days BEFORE we leave. I am NOT kidding. And that concept is completely beyond me. I would forget what I packed, need something already packed, or put the packed suitcase someplace and not be able to find it.

Then you have me... the procrastinator!!! I say I am lazy and want to do everything in the most efficient manner so I only have to do it once. My oldest DS says I am overly efficient. I can admit to my Libran self that I CAN be efficient to the point of idiocy sometimes.

For example: Let's say I have to meet a friend for lunch at noon. I might want to take the trash out since I am going toward the trash can anyway. Oh, and since I will be in the neighborhood, I wanted to stop at "X" store and pick up "Y"... where ARE those coupons? And I had something for her kids... I think its in the studio. No, I put it in the garage near the car so I would remember it next time I saw her. DH, did we need anything from the store while I am out? ok, I need a list. On my way to the car (finally) with trash, coupons, and grocery list, I remember that a load of clothes needs to be moved from washer to dryer. I set everything down, switch the clothes, pick everything up and head to trash and car... but I forgot my drink... back in the house... back out to the car. On the road... but forgot the thing for the kids... STOP... Back up, get gift... and back on the road.

You see why I am always late. All this would be perfect if I started 3 hours before I needed to be someplace... but I don't. And even if I did, would I just think of more to squeeze in on my way? My DH makes a valiant effort of herding me toward the car well before we need to leave... but as explained in yesterday's post, it doesn't always work.

Today, we needed to leave the house by 7am. We actually left at 7:30am and not all necessarily my fault but I will (and rightly so) accept a vast portion of the 30 minute delay. BUT!! We are not 5 minutes from the house and the alarm company calls. We turn around, go back to the house, and get that all straightened out.

It's not always my fault. Sometimes, it's IDA KNOE's fault. or Maybe HEA DIDET?? Or could even be that rabbit's fault!!!

But the trash is out, the laundry is done, I have the list, coupons, and gifts, and the alarm is set. Is it really that bad that we are a little late?? We are not attending a wedding, or anything else that can't wait until we get there. Is it worth the stress?

There are times we shouldn't be late. I accept and respect the need to be punctual to certain things. But if its a picnic... or a day at the fair, calm down and smell the heavenly scented roses... or take them to the trash can if they smell bad. The earth will continue to rotate if you miss the first 5 minutes of your neighbor's grandkids' football game.

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