Sunday, December 22, 2013

She's not a cat, she's a chicken

Freeway is an outside cat... there are no 2 ways about it. We bring her in at dusk due to the threat of bobcats, coyotes, and owls. Of course, she doesn't understand that and lets us know exactly how much she doesn't understand. If she is sufficiently unhappy about being inside, she tortures and teases Tessa to no end. In turn, it drives us crazy because Tessa is hissing and howling and there are little kitty fights constantly. As soon as she eats her breakfast each morning, she throws little kitty fits until she gets outside. Generally, we are happy to let her roam the safety of our backyard, which has a 5-6' cement block wall surrounding it and keeps our precious Freeway safe.

Freeway then spends her day chasing poor little rabbits, quail, small lizards, catching/playing with/eating crickets, and snoozing under the oleander bushes.

We are on a little trip to see family and Freeway was cooped up, with me, DH, and sister kitty Tessa, for 2 days in the car. The car ride was actually pretty good. The motion of the car must be kitty valium or something because we were able to experience the 2 kitties actually cuddled in the same basket in the car on the console between DH and me with NO hissing or fit throwing. Surely, this was a Christmas miracle of some kind.

This morning after breakfast, Freeway let us know that it was time to do outside. HA! I opened the door for her to go outside (I was holding her collar as the back yard where we are staying isn't conducive to safe and secure kitty roaming), and she quickly changed her mind and couldn't get back inside fast enough! hmmmmm....

Apparently, two footprints in the snow was all she wanted. Isn't the snow beautiful? Of course, you can see that I didn't step out any farther than Freeway did. The view was just fine from inside the door... baby, its cold out there.

I don't have to be IN the painting to enjoy the beauty OF the painting, right?

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  1. Well I guess this cements it, she is definitely a desert dweller, no snow for her ;) the snow is indeed beautiful, I love fresh untrodden snow, it's always so beautiful, Merry Christmas :)