Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last minute is the best minute sometimes

No matter how well I plan, I find something that I absolutely MUST make for someone at the last minute. Today was going along just fine... on schedule and DH was happy.

Then it happened...

Something trips some synapsis in my little brain... and OFF I GO on a crafting delay. I remember that I have these letters with hanging hooks for my twin DGD's and, well, SOMETHING must be done with them immediately. (even though I have had them for 9 months)

I leave the house in a semi-tornado state and rush to the studio! I find the letters, dig out stuff from here.. from there... more over here... and sit down with the glue gun. As I wait for the gun to heat up, I think about a plan for these letters. I decide that I need to hide some representation of their family in the junk I am going to glue on these letters. With no further plan, a hot glue gun, and a bunch of "stuff", I get started.

In my head, I can hear DH shaking his head and mumbling... something along the lines of "it was going so well... I had her attention... I was careful not to say anything that would trigger a crafting episode... " and a lot of sighing. But I forge onward, determined to finish and SURE that it would only take just a few minutes. I also remember that I have 2 matching floating shelves... hmmmm... how long could it take to do those too????

Flash forward 2 hours.... I am finished... at least with the letters. I could do more on the shelves but I decided to stop. Why? because it was getting dark and I just knew DH was glaring my way from somewhere in the house. So here they are. I think they are pretty cute.

The silver double hearts are to represent their mom and dad, the teddy bear represents their brother, the silvery letter represents the other twin, the bead angel is for them, their dog's name is included, and the pink stone is for me. The hanging pink beading matches the shelves, and the rest is just fun, fluffy stuff.

I think the shelves look ok too. If I had more time (clearing throat), I would have jazzed up the shelves a little more but I think the girls will love them.

It will be ok before its over... and if its not ok, its not over.

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