Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Take care of yourself, too

We love the season. We love the anticipation. We love taking cookies to friends. We love being the recipient of random acts of kindness (RAK). We love the excitement in the air.

We rush around.... shopping, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, arranging, negotiating, and managing the 12 balls we have in the air all at the same time in addition to our normal activities. And right in the middle of it, we vow to remember and retain the spirit of the reason for the season all year long. But for now, we are happy to be needed, to 'do' for the ones we love, to see the smiles and the hopeful faces of the children. And we manage to get everything done, sometimes by the skin of our teeth, and sometimes at the last minute, but we pull it off. We moved at lightning speed for weeks, and now it's over. But it's not really over.

The less fun cousin of the holidays moves in.... There is stuff to return. Decorations to put away. Family drama. Clean up.

The bright shiny feeling of anticipation has left and the adrenalin let-down has just smacked us in the face. We are tired. Retail staff seems grumpier and less competent then ever. We can't find receipts. The kids are out of school until WHEN? Who in the world gave me a Chia Pet and what am I supposed to do with it? Why on earth would Auntie Harriet give little Joey a drum set? What was she thinking and I KNOW she did it to make up for the homemade bird feeder we gave her last year. When did the lamp get broken and who spilled red wine on the white sofa? Where are we going to put all the stuff we received?

I have an idea!!! Let the chores wait just a bit.... trade play-date hosting with a friend and do something to relax and recharge YOU. The holidays are hard... We love them but they are hard!!! don't let anyone convince you otherwise. And a majority of the hustle and bustle falls on the 'womenfolk'. That's all fine and good... but give yourself the gift of a calm moment between making the holidays flow... and cleaning up the mess.

Maybe a long bath and a nap. A pedicure and lunch out with the girls. An hour or 2 reading with your feet up. An old movie and a glass of wine. Donate a few things of your old things to shelters.

Most likely, no one will tell you to go take a nap... or sit down and put your feet up... take some time to make YOU feel good.... but that doesn't mean they don't want you to do it. So just take slow deep breath before you start again. Do something for yourself. You deserve it.

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