Tuesday, December 24, 2013

He is really shy....

Sherri and her new friend, Pat, came tonight for dinner and to play board games. We hadn't met Pat before and to me, there is no better way to get to know someone than over board games. As we are in a transition of packing everything in the house and getting it ready for new owners, there were full and partially filled boxes are everywhere, we couldn't find the proper dishes or utensils, the house smelled like paint, and... well, we made do best we could.

Dinner was a simple meal of chicken and (Reames - yummmm) noodles over mashed potatoes, corn, and cookies for desert. Everyone seemed to get enough to eat and there was a lot of talking, joking, and laughing over dinner. In fact, at one point, we were laughing so hard that coughing and tears were involved!!!

As is tradition with her, Sherri would not consider playing anything but her beloved Royal Rummy game. Have you played it? its rather like Tripoly and involves a lot of pennies. We usually grunt and groan over "Royal Rummy AGAIN", but we all like it too. I think DH would have preferred a game a little closer to REAL gambling since money was involved but he can certainly play with dollar bills if he wishes... we are using pennies.

Sherri had warned us that Pat was rather shy. Except for a couple moments of pink cheeks, I think he managed very well with me, DH, and the new surroundings. I grilled Pat a bit and I think the best part about him is that he seems to respect Sherri. I think we will be seeing more of this guy Pat.

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