Thursday, December 5, 2013

My New Favorite Quilting Tool

My DGD calls her daddy (my DS) a dream maker... she says if you can dream it up, her daddy can make it. Once again, her words proved true...

I wanted something that would allow me to press seams without ironing and re-ironing the fabric in the unit I am assembling. DS delivered to me about 15 pressing bars which I tested, tried to ruin, tested, and experimented.

** I pieced about 1/2 of a king size Block of the Month quilt with the pressing bar. I LOVE the ease and speed in which I can press the units and the crisp, flat seams it gives me.
** I tested the Pressing Bar during the construction of doll clothes.... I pressed pant seams open with no crease in the pant!!!
** I tested the Pressing Bar by leaving my SUPER DUPER HOT Black and Decker travel iron on it for 15 minutes... with no real damage.
** I experimented with different lengths of the Pressing Bar to find the perfect size for travel and ease of use.

Our testing resulted in something that works PERFECT.... an uncovered hardwood bar that allows only the seam and not the entire pieced unit to be pressed (promoting less stretch and distortion). The 13" length was perfect to handle, pack and still large enough to press the seams on a 12 1/2" block.

Click on the "Pressing Bar" tab for more info.

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