Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I thought I was done with this...

After we purchased this house 3 years ago, my DS did some repairs, replaced all baseboard trim, build custom shelves, and painted the inside of the house. I even (lol) let DH pick the paint color for his office (with a fake smile plastered on my face - you will see why in a minute). While I love painting, I thought the job would be too big for me. I did paint the kitchen, laundry room, and the inside of all closets. I always paint the inside of my closets a gloss white: it helps reflect the light and I never have to repaint them no matter how many times I change the paint in the room.

Anyway, I really thought the painting was done for a while.... but nooooooo. We had built an addition for a sewing studio for me, a Saloon for him, and eventually, another bathroom. Moving into the studio left the room I was using to sew empty... and it was painted a really nice shade of yellow... I dislike yellow but this color, Macadamia, was actually rather likable. DH decided to move his office into my ex-sewing room.

His move left me with a future spare bedroom painted a hideous yellow and brown. That left me with a future spare bedroom painted a hideous yellow and brown. I wasted no time in picking out a more appropriate color. Is that paint hideous or what? I spend an entire day moving some furniture we had stuck in there during the switching of rooms, taping off things that shouldn't be painted, and finding all the things I needed TO paint. I am ready!!

Our guest en suite is manly... big heavy furniture, cowboys and Indians, and a darker palette. So my plan for this room is a softer feminine feel... floral, light, feel-good. The first coat is on... its called Asparagus...

I hope to get the 2nd coat on tomorrow as we will be getting the bedroom set soon. Wish me luck!!!

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