Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fighting Children

Our kitties, Tessa and Freeway, do not really play well together. They each play, but separately. Freeway wants to play with Tessa but Tessa pretty much considers it torture. Freeway teases Tessa, picks on her, chases her around, and treats Tessa like anyone would treat a sibling. Tessa does NOT like it... and she dislikes it LOUDLY.

Today, I hear a ruckus in the living room and go to see who is bleeding. From the noise I am hearing, someone MUST be bleeding. Thankfully, I find no blood, but Freeway has Tessa trapped in the cat tree (you can see Tessa in the bottom section of the tree) and Freeway is standing guard, just waiting for Tessa to try to get out so Freeway can chase her. Today is not so bad, Freeway usually traps Tessa in the potty and Freeway just sits and waits for an opportunity to attack when Tessa tries to leave.

Here, Freeway is hiding under one of the doll beds I refurbished... waiting for someone... or something... to pass by close enough for her to attack. Its not a good shot but she was in a hurry to attack so I had to hurry to get the picture. Freeway is such a naughty kitty. She is named Freeway as that's where she was found. DH teases her about changing her name to Joy Ranch (which is the road to the side of our house) because that's where the next family would find her. No worries though. His bark is worse than his bite - he would NEVER abandon Freeway.

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