Monday, November 25, 2013

The Show Preliminaries

DH cleaned out our trailer in preparation for loading all of my treasures for the show. He cleaned the floor of the trailer and repacked everything into it. Then, he ran some errands for me so I could continue to work on the bounty of doll beds DS brought me. How amazingly lucky am I? I am blessed with such wonderful family and friends!!!

I worked all day on the beds but took a break to get some things ready to go into the trailer. Today's status on the beds:
- 6 bed frames made by DS ready for bedding (mattresses done)
- 2 bed frames acquired 'here and there' ready for bedding (mattresses done)
- 1 rustic bed gifted to me
- quilt sets in progress: 1 satin set for vintage drop side bed, 1 homespun log cabin for rustic bed, 4 matching sets of lavender and green, 2 matching sets of red, white, and blue
- quilt sets completed: 1 pink/peach voile set, 1 eyelet set

I also have custom orders for 2 bunkbeds with bedding, bedding for 2 sets of bunkbeds, and bedding for a "flower child" canopy bed.

Tomorrow, everything destined for the show must be finished and loaded. In addition, I need to get things together for Thanksgiving with DS, and the quilting items packed and ready to go for Saturday's big event... a group of us are getting together to work on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery quilt.

I will get the silly camera working tomorrow.... all I have to do is find the cord to download the photos. I finally figured out that for some reason, it's not reading that there is a memory card in it. I will need it for all 3 events this weekend.

I love what I do and I am always thankful to be able to do these things I love, but I am especially thankful to feel well enough to do them.

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