Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Joys/Challenges of Cats and a Rainy Saturday

Oldest DS brought dolls beds today and something is not correct with my camera! So photos will have to wait. Suffice it to say that there is a stack of beds 6 high in my dining room. While the boys (DS and DH) worked in the garage, putting up lights and ceiling fans, and installing outlets and extra switches for all the new gadgets, I slaved away over doll bedding.

Refurbishing doll beds and making the bedding for the beds just makes me happy. I suppose for many reasons, including upcycling and recycling. The lumber for the beds is left from other projects. The fabric is from my quilting stash, leftovers from quilts I've made, or upcycled from "people" bedding. THEN I get to decorate the beds and the bedding (more fun) until I am happy. I will share the photos when they are done! (IF I can get the camera working)

Several of the beds, which can be unstacked or stacked into 2 or more, will be traveling with me to Iowa to become gifts to some very lucky little girls. Some of the beds will accompany me to my next craft show to look for their new home.

Tessa, the wonder kitty, was full of lovings today and just wouldn't stay out of my projects. First, she is wrapped around my neck, then laying ON the quilt I am working on, then in my lap and batting at the threads hanging from what I was sewing... then back to laying on the quilt or around my neck.

Meet our kitties...

Tessa is on the left and is just a little thing, weighing about 8 lbs. She has the softest rabbit-soft fur and sports one blue and one green eye. She is our little princess and she make it clear to everyone. Tessa joined our family when her previous owner, and my co-worker, advised that her current owner could not keep her due to allergies. Tessa, named "White Cat" by my co-worker friend, is cuddly, loving, and comforting. Most nights, Tessa sleeps ON our bed and we get what space is left.

Freeway, who was found on a freeway and we rescued, had a rather rough start with us. She was penned up in a playpen for 3 days while her injuries healed. The pads on her front feet were deeply burnt and she had many cuts and abrasions. We got her all fixed up and since she was not chipped and we could not find who had lost her, we decided to keep her. She is a very muscular cat, not fat but she weighs 16 lbs. She sports a THICK white coat, one blue eye, and one aqua eye. We believe she may have some Tonkinese in her and she behaves very much like a puppy. She loves being outdoors, chases and chews on whatever she can catch (we find cricket parts everywhere), and gallops to greet you if you join her outdoors. Freeway generally sleeps UNDER our bed as Tessa will not allow Freeway ON the bed (probably because our king bed is just not big enough :)

Both of our kitties have been trained to come to us when we call; however, Freeway is reluctant to come to us at dusk as she knows she will have to stay in until morning.

Such a wonderful furry little family we have!!

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