Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Mother of Neccesity

My oldest DS is also a bit creative... my creativity feeds through fiber and his is through wood and metal. I have been called Martha MacGyver (a mix between Martha Stewart and the guy on the old TV show) as I am usually able to make something out of a pile of nothing... and so it is with DS. We both have a vast amount of raw materials (the "nothing") and just need the right opportunity to make the "something".

This is the story as I understand it: DS's house needed a new light fixture over the dining room table. It happens... things wear out or break... its a cycle of our "stuff". No biggie, right?

So DS makes a new light. Again, no biggie... but the materials he used were... umm, let's just say maybe not what DIL was hoping for!! I am guessing the light was as much a joke on DIL as anything.

While the industrial look is big in certain circles, the stereotypical 'Tucson wife with 4 kids' is probably not a fan. So discussion regarding the light ensues... but the kids get involved and they want the light to stay. After all, daddy worked so hard on the light and they are proud of daddy's work. In my mind's eye, I see DIL rolling her eyes because she knows she is stuck with this light for a while. I told DIL that I liked the light... but then again, its not hanging over MY dining room table HA!

So time marches on, the light remains, and here it is THANKSGIVING DAY!! An assortment of friends and family are expected at DS's home for dinner. Maybe 35 people? Just as DH and I arrive, we see the garage door open, which means something is happening in the "something from nothing" department.

I enter the house and I am greeted by the sound of happy children, the perfume of the perfect Thanksgiving Day dinner, and DIL staring at a broken spout on the kitchen sink. Great timing... A ton of people waiting mostly patiently to eat, a pile of dirty dishes ready to be washed, and a growing number of people preparing their dishes for presentation and all needing to wash food bits off their hands.... water at the sink was desperately needed.

BUT!! We have DS on the scene. He is already in the garage so I know we are in good hands and I am confident that the sink will be in working order in no time. He has the "nothing" and here was the perfect opportunity to make "something". And I was ready... At least I thought I was.

OH MY Gosh... who could have expected it to look like this??? I burst out laughing!!! On the other hand, why on earth was I surprised? DS repaired it with materials on hand and within 5 minutes. There was running water in the kitchen. The meal could proceed after a mere hiccup in the process. And best of all? With a lot of teasing and good natured eye rolling, it was agreed by all that the faucet matches the light !!! Don't mess with success!

I know that tomorrow, the sink will be properly repaired and returned to the 'Tucson wife with 4 kids' style of spout. I can't make any promises about the light.

May you recognize and appreciate the true importance of the tiny blessings in your life.

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