Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Strange bedfellows

At last weekend's show, a lady picked up 2 identical snap bags with bees on them and indicated that they may her think of her grandfather, who was a beekeeper in Ohio. I said that I had never met anyone even remotely related to a real life beekeeping. She left to pay for her purchases and on her way back by, I stopped her to introduce her to another vendor that has stopped to chat. Literally hours of chat later, after we discussed bees... and the Midwest... and families... and everything in between, we determined that life is an experience and each experience provides a lesson. The lesson depends on your attitude and the way you processed and handled the experience. Sometimes, it takes multiple experiences before we catch on to the lesson. We exchanged names and numbers and hope to see each other very soon....

Incidentally, she is very allergic to bee stings.

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