Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jacki's Day Out

I spent today with my wonderful twin cousins and their families. Lots of good food, lots of funny stories, lots of laughs and teasing, and lots of mints for CM. Is it just wonderfully amazing how telling a story about one thing reminds you of a story that you had pretty much forgotten about?

We stopped at a thrift shop on the way home from lunch and I found my DH a Schlitz serving tray to add to the collection of crappy beer items he is collecting for his man cave. I mentioned that I have a thingy I can stick on the back so he could hang it on the wall and he finished my sentence with, "or we could use it to serve drinks." I laughed out loud... those of you that know my DH... can you just see him serving a Bud Light to someone on a tray?

I have some errands to run tomorrow and some household chores to complete, then its back to my beloved "salt mines", aka Jacki's Studio. I have a long list of things I want to get done before mid-next week on my whiteboard, including mattresses and bedding for the 7 doll beds Dan is making for my next sale.

This was another day that I feel blessed and so thankful for so many things.

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