Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Son Moonlights as Superman !!!

My oldest DS has told his children for years that he is the strongest man in Tucson... and since our family grew by leaps and bounds (7 grandchildren in 4 years and now 5 step-children, their spouses, and I think 14 step-grandchildren and great-grandchild), the Christmas gifts have become more of a FUN nature than a serious gift. Plus, this gramma's credit card company called and said they couldn't handle the paperwork for everyone any longer.

Anyway, my sons are always the hardest for me to think of a suitable gift... but I found the perfect thing for the Tucson son... since he doesn't read my blog, I am safe in sharing. It is a fake bar of steel that is very bendable!!! What better way to prove to his children that he is, in fact, the strongest man in Tucson? It will have to be quick though - his kids are far too intelligent to fall for it for long.. DGSD will probably be all over it before DS can prove how strong he is!!!

And yes, this means that the Christmas shopping has begun !!! Don't wait until the last minute... unless you love frustration, long lines, hair pulling, being tired, cranky customers and clerks, and all the other joys that come with the commercial part of Christmas.

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