Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Did you ever.... ?

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Did you ever have a time in your life that you pondered just how different your life might have been if you had turned right instead of left?  Took that job instead of staying with this one?  Went to this restaurant instead of the one in the next town? 

Based on any choice we make, the circumstances surrounding that choice are completely different because the world around you is different:  you see different things, you meet different people, you hear different things, and you are involved in different events.   All of these things will influence the rest of your life, they must.

Daydreaming about a different life is fun but I think it is important to remember how much I would have lost out on if I HAD turned right.  My days would certainly be different...  and dreams would be different, too.

I am happy with my life...  or should I say that I am happy with the decisions I have made thus far?Those decisions are what gave me what I know as my family, my skills, my friends, my knowledge, my courage, and to some degree, a suggestive map of my future.   There is no way to know what opportunities or lessons I would have missed had I turned right instead of left.

Daydreaming is nice... but maybe its not too late to turn right.   Of course, turning right now would not be the same as turning right back then.  Maybe right just wasn't "right" for me back then.

I have many miles of road and mile markers of decisions behind me but there is still a lot of road in front of me, too.   What is to the right?  Should I find out?  What will I miss if I go right?  What will I miss if I don't?   And one always wonders about the right turns they miss, don't they?

One wonders how they will know which way to go now?  I believe there are signs.  There are always signs....  road signs, so to speak.    Other people's words and actions give me hints and guidance, there is Karma, and there are feelings.  I must trust my gut feelings to make the right choice.  I must make the choice that is the best for me.... I must choose the road that gets me to where I want to be.

Either way, I know the decisions I make will be the correct ones.  I make will be the ones meant for me at this particular moment in my life.  The choices I make going forward will hold the lessons I still need to learn.  

I am aware there will be lessons to learn no matter what route I take, but this I know:  it won't be boring.  I will arrive at my destination wind-blown, sun burnt, and glowing because the one thing I can control, no matter my choice, is that I enjoy my travels.  I will make sure of that....  and I guess there is always an opportunity for a left a few miles up the road if I find the road to the right a bit too bumpy.  My tushy is too old to travel a bumpy road for long.

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