Saturday, January 14, 2017

When do you file a police report?

We had some family over this last weekend and after they left, I realized that something VERY valuable was missing. 

I knew they had admired it and used it so it wasn't much of a leap to point a finger at them...   but didn't really want to accuse them of theft, just in case I misplaced it.   

I also didn't want to turn it in on insurance but I just KNEW it was gone!

I was JUST ready to file a police report when I received it in the mail from the family, with a note f apology... 

Yes, my red tape dispenser has been returned !!!      WHEW!!! 

Dear DIL:  It could have waited until I saw you next... 
After all, I DO have another red one...

and a stapler to match.

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