Monday, January 9, 2017

Kids say the funniest things !

The oldest son and DIL brought the grands to visit this last weekend and we stopped in at the Heart and Soul CafĂ© on Carefree Hwy for a bit of good food.

Grand D decided to try something from the kid's menu called Fun Flap Jacks.  The description of the item is (and copied directly from their menu)
One chocolate chip, one blueberry and one plain pancake served with bacon or sausage

He seemed a bit anxious about his choice because the waiter verified by quoting the description that it was what he wanted.

When his plate arrived, there was a huge smile on his face....  

The poor kid said he was afraid he was getting only a single chocolate chip, one little blueberry, along with one plain pancake....  not three different pancakes... with his bacon.  

You've got to give him credit...  they worded it badly and he took it literally...  but he hoped for more.

I am STILL laughing about it.

And, of course, we had to check out a bit of vintage Chevy.

We headed to the Outlet shops at Anthem afterwards and almost everyone walked away with new kicks....  not sure I needed new shoes but what does "need" have to do with it ???

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