Saturday, December 3, 2016

I am taking the Fundraiser items to a sale today at our local library.  I love doing these shows so its certainly a labor of love. I threw in a few more things and, of course, hope to come home empty handed.

Getting ready for this event, albeit small, has involved the entire household. 

Even the Boyd's bear had to get into the action and settled himself into the little wagon I used to display the Christmas garter.

I warned him that he couldn't stay there.

During all the packing and pricing of the last couple days, I have been listening to the Malt Shop Oldies on DirecTV. Of course, listening to the oldies makes me call my mom, NOT that she is old....

 I love the little white bobby sox with pink trim that I made her. 

Once I return from the sale and evaluate the remaining stock, some of our Fundraiser items may see a price reduction.  I am happy with the sales and the request for specific items but, of course, I would like to sell out.

Here we go.....

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