Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seven of us quilters decided we had enough of our daily routines and took off for the mountains of Arizona for a three day respite.

At the last minute, a health issue prevented one from escaping to the higher altitudes.  We would miss her so we found a way to make sure she participated as only crazy ladies can come up with.  I have included photos of her taking part in our activities....

The mountains were amazing, the quilt shops along the way were great fun, and the company was, well, there are no words.  

We brought enough food to feed a small army for a month, enough alcohol for a good 2 weeks, and mesquite for the cabin's fireplace.  I don't think that any of us brought less than 4 projects to work on and there were gifts to share.

We were all tired from our packing, travels, shipping, unpacking, and dinner, but we slowly picked our activity for the evening: some talked, some sewed, some lounged, and I think all enjoyed a glass of wine or two.  I got out of dishwashing duties due to my neuropathy, and while it sucks, I can't deny there are some advantages.

The fun continued the next day when we quickly got ready and took off for local fabric establishments.    Of course, if our husbands ask, we did not buy anything...  nothing at all.... and please disregard all the shopping bags we brought back with us.

While we were in town, we grabbed lunch and brought back a delectable bit of dessert for dinner that evening.

Dinner was leisurely and there was WAY too much food, as can be expected. 

After dinner, we sewed, we shared, we bonded.  The wine came out again, along with some Sex in the Snow (a cocktail) and a few other choices.  Of course, this is when we shine...   our bonding time!!!   As only good friends can, we talked about money, religion, sex, and politics....  and we laughed...   we cried...  and best of all, we laughed until we cried. 

Our last day included a full breakfast, packing, and discussions about our next get-away.

I don't think any of us did as much sewing as we thought we would but I know that no one went home disappointed in the weekend.

I was hopeful that I would make great progress on my projects but my sewing machine refused to cooperate during the entire weekend but I was able to cut fabrics for pending projects, including this one for a very special friend who picked out the pattern and fabrics. I was able to do a bit of sewing on a loaned machine (I just LOVE Pfaffs) so that helped.

Note that this is not the final layout... I am just sticking the pieces on the design wall as I got them done.

I am back home, my machine is apparently "over" its temper tantrum and is working fine, and my son is with us for the tiling step of his remodel of our master bath.  Stay tuned for photos !

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