Saturday, August 27, 2016

I try not to talk too much about my wonderful grandkids....  but sometimes, I just can't help it.

Earlier in the year, my mom was visiting and we ran down south to spend a day with my grands.

We were snooping around in G's room (the oldest female) and found the most interesting items.   We hadn't yet gotten caught so I photographed some of what we found... many of them with a pen or pencil for scale.

A bowl of cereal and a box of donuts

Three little chickens hatching from their eggs.
Bowl of pasta and two tomatoes.

Pastries and an ice cream cone.
We were so intrigued that we went and found my DIL to discuss the "amazing" that was G.  She  brought out a few more items....

A house full of furniture and some assorted items. 
Note the claw footed bathtub with faucet.

So we went in search of the amazing G herself.   We asked lots of questions about her craft and how she does it.   After much conversation, G's gramma and great gramma talked her into making something special for us so we could watch.  Of course, G acquiesced.

The artist known as "G".

I was gifted a tiny rose, held by the smallest size binder clip.

Great Gramma requested a pair of flip flops.
G is pretty cool, huh?  We are just pretty proud of her!

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