Monday, May 9, 2016

The UFOs are falling like flies... April's quilt #4

It has been busy around here.  Just how busy you ask...  I finished several quilts (4 in 4 weeks, I am proud to say) that were on my bucket list.

My Mom is visiting again so I put her to work...  We finished 4quilts in 4 weeks and that is amazing for me.  Note that they were not all from scratch.  All except one still needed a bit of piecing and borders to make them ready to quilt.  I finished the piecing and quilted them, and she did 99% of the pressing and hand sewed the binding down. 

It was reminiscent the old days when we would sew together after all my brothers and sister were in bed.  She would provide the soda, the cutting, and the hand sewing and I did all that was machine sewn.  We had lots of laughs and it will remain a fond memory for both of us.

This quilt top was made by several sets of hands a couple years ago and will be passed to a very lucky little boy.

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