Sunday, January 17, 2016

drum roll PLEASE!!!!

The official count of 2015's emptied thread spools

41 !!

I am thrilled but I gotta say that it felt like I sewed way more than that!

These spools, which I toss into the large water bottle in the upper left of the photo as they are emptied, represent all sewing projects that I do throughout the year, including quilts, Angelgownbyjacki items, and miscellany such as home decorating and doll clothes. 

This year's number is more than the last couple years and I hope to at least match it in 2016 as I have many projects lined up for completion!   I doubt I can sustain that # of emptied spools for long, however, as I am moving to purchasing larger spools in less of a color variety. 

As always, I will recycle the emptied spools as best I can:
  • the cardboard tubes will be tossed and chewed by our own Daisy (rescued German Shepherd)
  • the cone tubes will be retained for my own craft projects
  • the remainder will be sent to an elementary school for craft and art projects
Recycle, reuse, and use up!

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