Friday, September 11, 2015

You just never know what you will see at my brother's house. 
I spent a short week with him and took lots of photos. 
He always has amazing stuff and its always changing because I think everything he has is for sale.
So many that I had to just randomly pick a few to share.

I talked him into selling ME this sink. 
I absolutely LOVE it and it will grace our poolside bathroom one day.

He also has a brown shed that he is thinking about turning into a Tootsie Roll.

He never seems to run out of cool stuff and places to put it.
I spied a 1957 license plate on the fence that I may have to beg to get.

This was once an RV.  Now its a Tonka truck. 
And its amazing inside...  my brother is so creative and inventive.
I was going to drive this too....  but there just wasn't enough time. 

Bubbles (aka bobblehead and bubblicious) and her fire hydrant.

A 1930s toaster...  it was called a Flapper. You had to flip your toast to get both sides browned. 
This is another item that went home with me and will sit beside my grandmother's apron.

I didn't get a chance to take this for a spin. 

He always has lots of fun (and generally fast and slightly noisy in a muscle car kind of way) cars and trucks but this 1969 Ford Galaxy was, by far, my favorite to drive.  Being red didn't hurt either.
I was afraid he would sell it before I had a chance to drive it!

Just the way it SHOULD be.

His work truck...  reminds me of the bug guy's truck in Men in Black.

A very impressive sidewalk etching he was commissioned to do.
The etching is several years old and still looks great.
The 1970 El Camino was also fun to drive around people looking to buy. 
He is very generous with his sister and the keys to his vehicles.
It was a great week and we had lots of fun and talked about almost everything under the sun.
Thanks, bro!

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