Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A TINY Reminder of "Home"

When we moved to the Arizona from the Midwest over 4 years ago, we brought along some of our favorite outdoor plant pots.  In those pots, good black Midwestern soil came along with us.

We found fairly soon after our arrival at our new home that a couple toads stowed away and moved with us.  They were encouraged do toad-like things in their new home.

However, the next spring, we found that some volunteer petunias had also rode along with us, just for fun.  We were surprised, but pleased, to see their cute little flowery faces raised to the Arizona sun.  

As they died off, we figured that was the end of them....  after all,
1) they are annuals, and
2) this is Arizona! 

However, our volunteer petunias have bloomed every year... 

but each year, there are less of them....

the stems get just a bit more leggy.....

the flowers show a bit less color....

and the blooms get just a bit smaller.... 

But you have to admit.... petunias are WAY more adorable at 1"! 
Have you every seen such TINY petunias???

I will so miss these very special reminders of "home" when they are gone.

May you find something to make you smile.

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